Our services are adaptable to both private and local government sectors.

Utilisation of GEM Planning Projects skills & services can start very early in a project and may include:

  • providing well researched and clear pre-purchase information, searches, prior approvals and track down hidden issues (or hidden gems)
  • land capacity & site constraints assessments
  • advice on development potential, preliminary concepts & yield assessments
  • pre-lodgement submission & negotiations on concessions

  • co-ordination of development project team specialist consultants

  • rezoning (planning proposals) for private clients or as resource to local government

  • development applications and project negotiations

  • representation at Panels & Council Meetings for approvals

  • independent development assessments for Councils where they have a vested interest

GEM PLanning Projects - Services

GEM Planning Projects has good working relationships with a wide range of specialist technical consultants and is able to put together highly experienced teams for complex projects.

GEM Planning Projects provides project co-ordination services for the concept & approvals phase of a project and knows how important it is to ensure the team works together seamlessly, to manage and balance conflicting technical & legislative requirements while keeping yield and project feasibility in sight.

Be it ecology, geotechnical survey, architecture, landscape or urban design, traffic modelling, archaeology & cultural heritage, bushfire risk, flood modelling, BCA, acoustic, air quality or surveying & civil engineering we will strive to source the right technical consultants for your project team.

That said, GEM Planning Projects is equally comfortable being a team player. Providing planning input only and leaving the project team co-ordination to others.

Post Lodgement negotiation and effective communication with Local Government & State Agencies is critical during the post lodgement phase for many projects. It can greatly affect the final outcome of the proposal including approval time frame, fewer S96 amendments and reasonable conditions of consent.