GEM Planning Projects is pleased to be currently involved in a number of new projects such as:

  • Rezoning & development application for a sustainable rural residential estate in the Crescent Head area

  • Development application for a serviced apartment building in a picturesque coastal village

  • Multiple Occupancy development in the upper Macleay valley

GEM Planning Projects is continuing to work in collaboration with Hopkins Consultants Pty Ltd on:

  • Rezoning and development applications for urban release areas in the Kew Kendall area incorporating infrastructure extensions, flood planning, environmental & stormwater management considerations

  • Urban infill rezoning & residential development adjacent sensitive environmental lands requiring vegetation enhancement, weed edge effects management, filling & stormwater management

  • Ongoing planning advice and development applications to support St Columba Anglican School & Columba Cottage Child Care Centre at Port Macquarie

  • Multi storey residential apartment near Port Macquarie CBD on a steep infill site with water views. Matters under consideration include view sharing, convict archaeology, car parking & access and stormwater management

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